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An Unforgettable Day


In these enchanting pictures from my sister’s wedding, I see not just the most beautiful bride but a vision of pure love and happiness. Grateful to the extraordinary eye of photographer Laura Dean for immortalising the love and joy that filled the air that day. It was an honour to play the piano as Melis walked down the aisle - Chopin, of course - a moment so profound, it felt like time stood still. This cherished memory will forever hold a special place in my heart. To the happy couple, may your journey together be adorned with endless love and boundless happiness. I find solace in the knowledge that love is our guiding light.

Picture: Lara Melda at the piano, preparing to play as her sister Melis walks down the aisle.

Picture: The MacManus'

Picture: Aysegul (mother), Melis, Lara

Picture: Lara, Melis, Aysegul

Picture: Bride & Groom


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